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There are furniture stores and there are store openings; and there is ABACA and the ABACA store opening. Moving to the city of Pune which is the new destination of style and good living, ABACA's new store in the sophisticated, genteel Koregaon  Park  area will mark another milestone in our long journey.

And the store opening will be something Puneites could look forward to. Spread over two days, we plan to flag off with a scintillating jazz performance by the mother and son duo of Merlin and Rhys d'Souza over a cup of tea and cakes. The celebrations will carry on to Sunday where you can continue to browse around the store while you enjoy the mouthwatering tapas, sushi and more.

But our show stopper will be the new range of accessories and furniture specially handpicked for those who want only the best - perfect for shopping this festive season.

SHRUJAN – ‘Threads of Life’

ABACA, Mumbai’s leading furniture and accessories design store hosted, in association with SHRUJAN – ‘Threads of Life’ a unique exhibition showcasing 16 unique EMBROIDERIES OF KUTCH over 40 panels.

The exhibition opened on Thursday, October 18, 2012 and was on for 2 weeks, at the store.

2.SHRUJAN, is the story of one woman’s vision that an ancient craft like hand embroidery should not be allowed to perish and that rural craftswomen should recognize that their unique skills can enable them to earn a dignified and sustainable livelihood       3. This exhibition at ABACA showcased 40 stunning panels -- an extract from Shrujan’s existing collection of 1,500 embroidery panels – from their 'Design Centre On Wheels' Project – a mobile museum showcasing the very best in the different techniques being practised and preserved which aims to educate women artisans in the villages. Each of the 40 panels is hand embroidered by a master artisan.      

4.Rashida Baker-Asrani of ABACA says, -- "What fascinates me about handicrafts in general is the idea that every piece of work is done by an individual who puts a bit of his / her soul in it. And therefore no two pieces are ever the same, making every item a unique and special one. I have known SHRUJAN for many years, ever since I was a student.

5.A few years ago, I visited their centre in Bhuj and had the opportunity to view at close quarters, the wonderful work they are doing with the karigars in Kutch preserving the local craft, and whilst preserving the traditional embroidery techniques, they are also promoting the socio- economic welfare of the communities that are engaged in these crafts. We at ABACA worked with some of these artisans to put together a lovely collection of bed linen which was designed by us in 2009-2010. On my last visit I had the good chance to see some of their museum panels of embroidery and wanted to bring these to Mumbai for an exhibition with a view to share the pleasure I had experienced when I saw them! I then invited them to showcase 40 panels from their collection of 1,500 panels to showcase at ABACA."    



6. Ami Shroff of SHRUJAN adds, " We are a 42 yr old NGO working with more than 3,000 women artisans in Kutch. Thus, our primary focus is to provide livelihood at the doorstep to the women artisans. SHRUJAN specialises in creating high quality hand embroidered pieces which are not art but can be used in daily life style. All the profits generated from sales are used to improve artisan skills and enhance quality of end product."


7.Rashida Baker-Asrani added, "Even though at ABACA we have a very contemporary aesthetic, we love the traditional techniques of weaving and are therefore always trying to blend the contemporary design with traditional skills. We could describe our look as being "Contemporary with Texture" thus blending the old with the new."

As part of the exhibition, ABACA also presented PAKKO, a range of quirky western wear with a touch of Kutch. The collection is styled by Rita Dalal – ORMEY.

An eclectic collection of shell and beaded jewellery by Bina Nanavati was also on display at ABACA.

      For more information on Shrujan, you may log onto: http://www.shrujan.org/about.html     For media inquiries, please contact:   Roma Pereira-Talwar Turning Point Brand Consulting Mumbai Mobile: +919820182480 Email: roma.pereira-talwar@tpcpl.com